Date & Time

Strat at

12:00 AM

Thursday, February 13,2020


CME Points

25 points


2 days


Lung Cancer 360 Forum is a multidisciplinary activity that aims at providing a comprehensive educational and skills enhancement platform for Lung Cancer management in major disciplines including Pulmunology, Thoracic surgery, Pathology, Medical Oncology & Radiation Oncology. Sessions will be arranged systematically to tackle each step and stage of management of Lung Cancer with emphasis on the relevant disciplines for each level. Other objectives for this event is to improve lung cancer management service in Egypt through enhancing the adaption of multidisciplinary treatment panels, encouraging research both on the clinical & pre-clinical level and the development of customized national guidelines. The third edition of Lung Cancer 360 Forum will be endorsed by the IASLC and will be considered an advanced course to master the updates in management of thoracic malignancies.


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