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12:00 AM

Thursday, January 26,2017


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10 points


1 day


“Emerging Strategies for The Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma”. A unique opportunity to share in panel discussions focused on the latest information surrounding diagnosis and treatment of localized and metastatic soft tissue sarcomas. A panel of radiologist, pathologist, surgeon and oncologists discussing a virtual case of soft tissue sarcoma with in depth insights into the evidence supporting each step in management.


Event Content

Speakers: Dr. Noha Fouad Rashad

Speakers: Basel Refky

Speakers: Dr. Ali El mokadem

Speakers: Dr. Shadi Awni

Speakers: Dr. ShadiEliaAnis

Speakers: Dr. Loay Kassem

Speakers: Dr. Noha Fouad Rashad, Dr. Ahmed Magdi

Speakers: Dr. Mohamed Kelani

Speakers: Dr. Emad Shash