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Thursday, July 21,2016


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Roche Cascading RIME is a series of Roche sponsored educational activities that will be done in affiliation with Cairo Journal Club monthly sessions. It revolves around the transmission of first class educational non biased material collected from the Top cancer centers around the planet. Tackling different cancer scopes through 4 events in the year 2016. It should be noted that a Reward system will be appointed through the Cascading Rime event based on attendance, interaction and evaluation with the winners reward will be granted a free preceptorship to one of the world wide centers of excellence (European or American) in early 2017 and the runner ups will be supported for a yearly international bodies membership (e.g. ASCO).


Event Content

Speakers: Dr. Noha Fouad Rashad

Speakers: Dr. Amr Shafik

Speakers: Dr. Amr Shafik

Speakers: Dr. Amr Shafik

Speakers: Dr Abo Elmagd Elnoby