Date & Time

Strat at

12:00 AM

Thursday, January 10,2019


CME Points

20 points


2 days


CJC is honored to invite you to (Prostate cancer masterclass), a full immersion clinically oriented multidisciplinary educational program. Learning objectives: • To learn about fundamentals of epidemiology, natural history and diagnosis as contributing factors to heterogeneity in prostate cancer • To understand essentials in the assessment and multidisciplinary treatment of prostate cancer • To learn about advances in treatment and novel targets in prostate cancer Teaching format: All participants will reside at the course venue (including Cairo residents) and participation is compulsory throughout the course. The Masterclass offers lectures discussing current issues, State-of-the-art data, and controversies as well as critically reviewing significant therapeutic developments. Case presentations within tumor boards and open round table discussions with the faculty. An exam will be held at the end of the course.


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