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12:00 AM

Thursday, July 05,2018


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1 day


This CAIRO Journal club educational event takes you at the front-line of cancer care with practical management of critical oncological situations. The CJC felt it is a subject that is rarely discussed, with a need to improve practice in these usually reversible and curable situations.


Event Content

Speakers: Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Speakers: Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Speakers: Dr. Noha Fouad Rashad

Speakers: Dr. Emad Shash

Speakers: Dr. Ahmad Hamed

Speakers: Dr. Ahmed Magdy Rabea

Speakers: Dr. Shaimaa Lasheen

Speakers: Dr. Samy al-Serafy

Speakers: Dr. Khaled Abdel-Aziz Kamal

Speakers: Prof. Salah Hamada, Dr. Loay Kassem