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Thursday, July 08,2021


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From trials to clinic: What to buy and what to sell? CJC is pleased to invite you to its next event on Prostate cancer where we are going to articulate, debate and negotiate recent study results in hormone sensitive prostate cancer covering conflicting areas such as the role of prostate radiotherapy in metastatic setting, escalating versus not, chemotherapy versus new anti-androgens. Discussions will be conducted in the form of scientific debates supported by clinical evidence with a chance for interactive discussions with attendants.


Event Content

Speakers: Dr. Mai Ezz Eldin
Speakers: Dr. Noha Fouad Rashad
Speakers: Dr. Mohammed Alhefny
Speakers: Dr. Khaled Abdel-Aziz Kamal
Speakers: Dr. Loay Kassem
Speakers: Dr. Ayman Ramadan