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08:00 PM

Friday, August 27,2021


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Expired at: Thursday, August 26,2021


This is a unique educational event, blends expert presentations, panel discussions, case scenarios, and updates covering clinical situations relevant to everyday practice. Through a comprehensive review of the latest clinical advancements in Luminal Breast Cancer, participants will enhance their understanding, knowledge, and competence in managing Luminal Breast Cancer Patients. The event will run both Face to Face and virtually Face to Face will be in Radisson Blu Hotel - Alexandria (Alex West) Virtually will be broadcasted through Zoom. Please use the link below to register in advance and choose your preferred attendance option. If you choose to attend virtually a zoom link will be sent to your email shortly before the meeting. If you choose the Face to Face attendance option, please note that a limited number is available and acceptance for attendance is subject to approval. You will receive an email of confirmation, including your accommodation and transportation details


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